Researchers at the Lithuanian Institute of History organise their work according to scientific research programmes. These are long-term (five-year) institutional programmes, which are evaluated by experts from the Lithuanian Research Council and approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The purpose of these programmes is to ensure consistent, clearly oriented, long-term impact research, which is required in solving topical state and societal issues. Therefore, the conduct of this research requires collective efforts by researchers.

Other research programmes are approved by the Institute’s Research Board. These are prepared following the Institute’s research outlines. The main organisational structure of the Institute’s research activities is made up of long-term and other programmes. These programmes are financed from funds allocated to the Institute by the state.

Long-term research programmes conducted at the Institute:

  1. The Human and Habitation in Prehistoric and Early-Historic Lithuania: Continuity and Change (20222026)

  2. The Historical Development of the Statehood of Lithuania (the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) in a European Context (13th–18th Centuries) (2022–2026)

  3. Historical Source Texts, Contexts and Interpretations of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (2022-2026)

  4. From Individual to Community: Research into the Lithuanian Metrica and other Important Historical Sources Relating to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (2022–2026)

  5. The Genealogy of Conflict in a Modernising Society. The Case of Lithuania (19th–20th centuries) (2022–2026)

  6. National and/or Class-Based Identity in 20th-Century Lithuania: From Political Trajectories to Personal Experiences (2022–2026)

The Institute’s other research programmes:

  1. Lithuanian History and Culture through the Prism of Auxiliary Historical Disciplines (2022–2026)

  2. The Development of Vilnius from the 13th to the Mid-20th Century: The City’s Communities, Spatial Expansion and Self-Governance (2022–2026)

  3. Lithuanian Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the 20th Century: Problems and Challenges (2022–2026)

  4. Challenges of Crises: Communality from a Comparative Perspective (2022–2026)

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