The Labour Council of the Lithuanian Institute of History is a collegial body representing labour interests of the employees. Elected by a general vote of the staff, it protects the professional, labour, economic, and social rights of employees of the Lithuanian Institute History. In its activities, the Labour Council is guided by the Labour Code, the Law on Science and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania, legal acts defining the activities of the Lithuanian Institute of History, and other relevant legal acts. In carrying out its functions, it takes into account the rights and interests of all staff of the Institute and does not discriminate against individual members, groups of staff, or members of individual units on the basis of position, education, age, gender, or other criteria. The Labour Council is composed of five members with the highest number of votes elected by a general secret ballot of the staff of the Institute.

Requests of the employer and employees to discuss an issue at a meeting of the council shall be submitted electronically at or in writing.